East Side House

East Side House Settlement at Lehman YABC

East Side House Settlement is a large social service organization that works primarily in the Bronx to support educational and technological advancement in school programs, community centers, after school programs and other venues. Learn more about the work of East Side House Settlement online at www.eastsidehouse.org.<http://www.eastsidehouse.org.>

At Lehman YABC, East Side House Settlement provides:

Professional Development:

  • Paid Internship Opportunities
  • Skill Development Workshops
  • Job Shadowing
  • Resume Writing and Interviewing Prep
  • Connection to Unsubsidized Jobs
  • Career Planning
  • Postsecondary Planning:
  • College Advisement
  • Application and Financial Aid Assistance
  • College Trips and Overnight College Tours
  • College Fairs and Speakers
  • Connections to Vocational Training Program, Military Programs and More
  • Supportive Resources:
  • A Primary Advisor for Every Student
  • Transcript Review and Academic Planning
  • Connection to Tutoring Resources
  • A Social Worker, with Connection to Financial, Residential and Other Resources
  • Mentorship and Support
  • Individual Support and Group Sessions
  • Advisory and Life Skills Development
  • Recreational Activities and Groups:
  • Men’s and Women’s Groups
  • Trips to Sports Games, Broadway Shows, Dave & Buster’s, Television Show Tapings and More
  • Community Barbecue and Carnival
  • Graduation, Prom and Other School Events
  • Family Engagement Activities and Parent Nights
  • Gift Cards, Movie Tickets and Other Rewards for Good Grades, Hard Work and Strong Attendance!

Services provided in English and Spanish. Come visit us within Lehman HS Campus in Room B23!

Meet the East Side House Staff at Lehman YABC: (Photos Attached)

Hiedi Sheffer, Program Director: Hiedi oversees all programming for East Side House at Lehman YABC. She has been working in youth development for more than 5 years and has worked as a Student Advisor and an Internship Coordinator in the past. Most popularly, she is in charge of planning events and trips and buying snacks for Lehman YABC students! Have an idea for an activity or group that should happen at Lehman YABC? Come visit Hiedi, email her at hsheffer@eastsidehouse.org<mailto:hsheffer@eastsidehouse.org> or give her a call at 917-836-0142!


Erika Morel, Internship Coordinator: Erika oversees the professional development services for Lehman YABC, including the Learning to Work Internship Program. Interested in working fifteen hours per week, receiving ongoing professional development and being paid for your work? Come see Erika today to talk about signing up as an LTW intern. You will need to bring in a photo ID, birth certificate or social security card and resume. (ESH staff can help with resume writing!) Erika can also be reached by emailing emorel@eastsidehouse.org<mailto:emorel@eastsidehouse.org> or calling 917-836-0028. Erika speaks English and Spanish.


Ju Dee Bacchus, College Counselor: It’s never too soon to start thinking about life at YABC! If you are considering options for after high school, make an appointment with Ju Dee today! She can help with your college exploration and application, financial aid and enrollment process. We can even pay for your college application! Not sure about college? Come on one of our many college campus visits, overnight college trips of college fairs! Thinking about vocational school, the military or certificate program? Ju Dee can help with that, too! Come see Ju Dee to talk about your plans, email her at jbacchus@eastsidehouse.org<mailto:jbacchus@eastsidehouse.org> or give her a call at 718-430-6393.


Kimbery Lindo, Social Worker: We know YABC students sometimes need additional resources and supports. That’s why we have a social worker on staff two days per week! Need help finding better housing, paying for food or rent, want to talk to a counselor about life, or need help with an emergency situation? Come see anyone in East Side House and we will connect you with services or make an appointment for you with Kimberly. Most weeks, Kim is in the office on Wednedays and Thursdays, but is always available by email or through another ESH staff member. Want to get in touch with her directly? Send her an email at klindo@eastsidehouse.org<mailto:klindo@eastsidehouse.org>. Remember, all of the ESH staff is here to help even if Kimberly is not available when you need assistance!


Ramone Davis, Lead Advisor: Ramone is our Lead Advisor, which means that not only is he the primary contact person for students on his own case load, but he is always able to help all YABC students! Ramone is also kicking off many new initiatives at Lehman YABC, including an upcoming Men’s Group! Stop by today to talk to Ramone, send him an email at rdavis@eastsidehouse.org<mailto:rdavis@eastsidehouse.org> or give him a call at 718-430-6393.


Roxanna Ruiz Vazquez, Student Advisor: Roxanna serves as the primary contact person for a caseload of students, and is also a native Spanish speaker who can assist with translation or helping English Language Learners navigate the school system. Come meet Roxanna today, send her an email at rvazquez@eastsidehouse.org<mailto:rvazquez@eastsidehouse.org> or call her at 718-430-6393.


In additional to these great staff people, we will have two new advisors starting within the next few weeks!

The East Side House Office, located within Lehman Campus in B23, is open throughout the school year Monday- Thursday 1-9 PM and Friday 9 AM- 5 PM. Come by and see us, grab a free snack, rest in between classes in our Student Lounge, or participate in any of our activities occurring every week at Lehman YABC.

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